Escha van den Bogerd (september 21 1972)


Escha van den Bogerd was born in The Hague, Holland,and started painting at the age of 3.In the Hague,she attended the Rudolf Steiner school, a school with many art subjects including painting, drawing and art history.

After leaving school Escha studied art in Florence, Italy, Salzburg, Austria and her home country Holland.

Her Paintings have been sold, exhibited and published worldwide for more then 20 years. Eschas paintings are in private collections of some very famous people around the world in some of these countries: Switzerland,Austria,Peru,Luxembourg, Holland, italy,UK, USA, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Germany, Mauritius, Australia,Japan,Taiwan,Ireland,Belgium,France, and New Zealand.She has worked with some of the biggest publishers in Europe and The US  Such as .Sjatin.BV, PGM Artworld, International Graphics and AdLines.

Her work was featured in Americas best Fine Art magazine in 2014, International Artist.The article included an 8 page spread of her work and the making of her work, a look inside the worlds best artist studios.

Inspiration for her large acrylic paintings are the old European masters Caravaggio, Rembrandt, Da Vinci ,Veronese,Tintoretto,Canaletto,Rubens etc. who created a beautiful sense of light. Movies set in olden times and places like Venice, Florence, and the Middle East. But inspiration can also come from people, experiences good or bad and simply just life itself can create new emotions on the canvas.

Escha uses a method of painting in which abstraction and figurative images combine and reinforce each other's effect. Her work has delicate compositions and Colour palette of many of the Italian romance painters. The use of wash like technique adds drama and warmth, vibrancy and great emotional power with femininity and sensitivity A refreshing combination of traditional figurative painting in a contemporary style influenced by the many countries she has visited.
She is an artist of exceptional intensity whose dynamic and poetic abstraction faces and figurative display profound sensitivity and a great emotional power. Vital in attack and detail and brilliant in colour her energetically composed acrylic paintings radiate an aura of spirituality, which suggests the Middle East and Italian influences, although their formal characteristics are wholly in the contemporary European tradition.

Painting is my passion my life, and is about sharing thoughts and emotions with others. My works of art have become extremely personal; they are an emotional response to my surroundings and experiences. These are reflections of joy, hope, peace and sadness.


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